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Tagged by: :iconjayofteejay:

- Name ten of your favorite characters from ten different fandoms
- Tag ten other people so they can join the fun

MY personal rules:
- I will list 2 favorites per series
- I will go above 10
- This is in no order from "least to best favorite" whatsoever
- I will not name any OCs, as to avoid favoritism. I love all OCs within Absolute-Underground equally, so they are in a tier of their own.

01. Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne - Hitoshura
Reason: Ultra-powerful badass whose reputation is memetic to the point that he can take on Saitama and Asura and not lose.

02. Digital Devil Saga - Heat
Reason: Crispin Freeman, that is all. Oh, and he's a trash-talker.

03. Mega Man (franchise) - X
Reason: Adaptive Ability, an awesome Technical Pacifist, stronger than he looks, and overall the Luigi to Zero's Mario (aka everyone loves the latter and hates the former, unless you count X and Luigi's cult followers).

04. Mega Man (franchise) - Bass.EXE
Reason: A badass take on an already-badass character. It was tough deciding between him and the Mega Man Zero incarnation of Zero, but I went with Bass.EXE because of my fond memories with Battlenetwork 3 Blue/White.

05. Touhou - Izayoi Sakuya
Reason: The fandom's open-ended versions of her range from incredibly amusing to outright horrifying, but she has an aesthetically pleasing design and her personality is all over the place. I'm a sucker for time/space powers, which is a huge bonus. One of my favorite fan-based depictions of her is Okahi's Sakuya. I'm a bit of a Nightmare Fetishist >_>; If anyone wants to check out his pixiv account, you can view it here:…

06. Touhou - Konpaku Youmu
Reason: I admire the hell out of sword fighters with interesting gimmicks, and the whole half-ghost thing is really cool. Not to mention there's her relationship with Yuyuko, who I also adore!

07. Kantai Collection - Akitsu maru
Reason: My list was missing an eerie pale-skinned brunette, but Akitsu maru is an absolute cinnamon roll to me. For all her simplicity in design, I think I'm drawn to her for the same reasons I'm drawn to Arcueid. Huh...

08. Kantai Collection - Hamakaze
Reason: Very much like Akitsu maru really, except she's the Ivory to her Ebony. 

09. Undertale - Mettaton (regular, EX, and NEO versions included)
Reason: What do you get when you roll Elec Man, Jewel Man, and Bomb Man into one, with a dash of VideoMan.EXE? This fabulous motherfucker right here. He just screams robot master to me, and even The Core feels like a classic Mega Man level! Albeit Earthbound-style, with WarioWare-seconds Touhou gameplay (sorta).

10. Undertale - Sans
Reason: The most relatable character in the whole game, even though he has accomplished more than I ever had in one finger :P Oh, and puns. I love abusing the hell out of puns. He's got my kind of humor anyway.

11. Fire Emblem - Ike
Reason: Dropped Captain Falcon and Roy over this dude, and even though he felt like Yamcha-with-a-sword back in Brawl, I still had fond memories with him. Hell, I made a lot of awesome friends because of Brawl! That, and I have a fixation over hard-hitting characters with cool weaponry.

12. Fire Emblem - Camilla
Reason: No shame whatsoever. I dig her personality, her looks, and her surprising effectiveness as a unit. I'm rather silent when it comes to what my "type" is, but she's got pretty big hints if ya know what I'm sayin'

13. Earthbound/Mother - Ness
Reason: For similar reasons like Ike, I just sort of picked him up in Brawl and he became a mainstay main ever since. It kind of opened a gateway for me, because I really want to try out the Mother Series, since things like LISA, Undertale, Touhou, and even Homestuck got some of their inspiration from this franchise. That, and Ness is just too damn fun to use. Right up there with Ike and Mega Man as my dood-mains in Smash 4.

14. Earthbound - Kumatora
Reason: Looks cute, but I have an affinity for tough girls and tomboys in general. Helps that much of Lucas' moveset is derived from her, and Mother 3 is considered a huge improvement over the last two games. Not lying when I say I want to play them all.

There's more on my mind, but I'm too lazy to continue. Maybe I'll update this list once in a blue moon?

I tag: Whoever wants to do this, really :P


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TeeOfTeeJay Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there, so sorry for the lateness, but Happy belated birthday!

Hope you have a great one this year and enjoy everything, Juan :D
KarneraMythos Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016
Hey man, a birthday wish is always appreciated, even belated ones!

I very well am, thank you ^^
Dragonkingmark Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016
happy birthday
KarneraMythos Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016
Heh, thanks dude. Appreciated!
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JayOfTeeJay Featured By Owner May 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave! Are you a Saya fan? It is pretty awesome, if not dark so not for the light-hearted. :)

I think I'm becoming a Nitroplus guy, well may be just the stuff written by Gen Urobuchui. :lol:
KarneraMythos Featured By Owner May 26, 2016
Jay, it's me, Juan. Come on, man! Get it together! :P

Jokes aside, I just love your art, man. Saya is a well-designed character, too, if albeit nightmare-inducing. I dunno if I could confront her in the same manner protag did, without having eff'ed up senses, that is. You think she'd still kill me if I could tolerate her giygas-esque true form? :P
JayOfTeeJay Featured By Owner May 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know it was you, I just thought I didn't thank you for over 10 faves (the fact that I haven't spoken to you in a long time is another matter), so I thought I'll just drop one on your profile. ;)

I love that story, I can't find anything that can compare to it. Underneath all that horror and violence lies beauty and love. What I like about it is it plays with how one person's right and wrong doesn't necessarily fall in line with another person's morality. Plus. I have a penchant for downer endings. :nerd:

To be honest, Saya isn't that strong, she is easily overpowered by a grown man and only able to kill people with stealth. But her true form is unimaginable for sure. Oh yeah, there was a Nitroplus Heroines game, but I can't be bothered to get it especially when I'm now interested in getting Doom and Overwatch. :lol:
KarneraMythos Featured By Owner May 26, 2016
Heh, realistically-speaking, we've all been struck with Chronic Toobusyitus, to the point that a lot of friends in my deviantart circle seemingly vanished. Can't say I blame any one of them, considering how important our responsibilities have become, you know? :P

I'd probably avoid Saya on the principle that her closest human equivalent is that of a loli, because reasons :P

Ahhh, Overwatch. Thinking of getting that game, and I hear Doom is getting great press, which is good to know!
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